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Over 1100 Page 1 Google Rankings for Our Clients to Date!

To date we have achieved over 1100 page 1 ranking for our clients. No fluff, you can speak with our current clients if you wish! For most companies, SEO is an afterthought… For us it’s an obsession and we CAN help you.

Because we believe in our ability to deliver results, we offer very low introductory rates and don’t require contracts.

Here’s How It Works

During an initial phone consultation or email (or in person if you’re local to us) we will help you choose the best package based on your goals and amount of competition in your niche. If needed, custom packages can be created.

First of all, there would be no contract. You stay or go at any point based on the results we are generating for you.

Secondly, we offer you three phases of pricing with steep discounts initially. Why? Getting your site to the top of Google does not happen overnight. That means there’s a delay between when the work happens, and when you start to see additional phone calls happening. To minimize your upfront investment we require only 1/3rd of your fee the first three months, and 2/3rds of your fee in months four through six. To illustrate this:


Of course, these results are just ‘typical’. The example above is probably true for roughly 75% of our clients. Yes, we have some clients where things go slower, yes we have some clients were the results are unbelievably fast! Every project is of course unique, but we want to paint as honest a picture as we can for you up front.

By providing these ‘pricing phases’, we make it much more viable for your average small business owner where they need as little delay as possible between investment, and return on investment!

yplogoStuck in a Yellow Pages contract with no results? We feel your pain!

We offer HUGE discounts to Yellow Pages customers. Read all about it here.


What to Expect

Here’s a point form breakdown of how we work with our clients:

  • Everything starts with a phone call. Any questions you have remaining will be fully addressed and a quote will be provided.
  • You provide us access to your website backend for onpage optimization.
  • We do up to 2 hours of work improving your site’s user experience for FREE!
  • We start building top quality links to your site to boost your rankings.
  • Link building reports are available along with Google ranking and site visitor data.


What Makes Our SEO Service Different?

In a simple statement, it’s the quality of the links we can build to your website. Most SEO companies are using software and fake websites to generate links of such low quality that they refused to show them to you. Inevitably, those low-quality links eventually hurt you in the form of a Google penalty against your site.

We will proudly show you the links we build to your websites from 100% real and legitimate blogs and websites.

What’s the big deal about links you’re asking? Well, above and beyond any other factor the reason Google will rank a website at the top of their search results is because that website has been mentioned and linked to from many other websites. When somebody takes the time to place a link on their website to another website, that is a vote of confidence and helps to push that site up the Google rankings.

First Steps?

Give us a call to discuss your goals. Together we can determine what’s best for you.

Call 1-647-362-6776


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