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Web Design

Need a site design that looks great, represents you, generates sales, can be easily managed, is upgradable, works on all devices and doesn’t break the bank?

No problem! We’ve built hundreds of sites in almost every niche. We are always updating our skills and love a good challenge.

Contact us today for a quote on your project.

SEO Services

To date we have achieved over 1400 page 1 ranking for our clients in Google. For most companies, Search Engine Optimization is an afterthought… For us it’s an obsession and we CAN help you. Whether you’re located here in Burlington or anywhere in North America, we can help you with your search engine optimization.

We offer very low introductory rates and don’t require contracts.

Speak to us today about your site!


Want to advertise online but don’t want to waste your time lost in learning new ad platforms when you should be running your business?

Let us manage your online advertising budget. In our hands your budget will be highly effective and then with your hands free…

 YOU can be more effective!

Site Maintenance, $19/m

Need help maintaining you site? Need someone to make updates and changes? We can do that!

We also do things like keep your site up to date with security patches and make sure your site stays Google compliant!

For the non techie it’s an absolute ‘no brainer’.

What does it cost? Just $19 a month!

Our Recent Work

A Deliciously Healthy Project, Fruit Perks

This site was very rewarding in that the subject matter was so appealing to look at! Everything was created from the ground up including custom graphics for hover and active link effects, custom dividers built to look like tiny leaves and custom contact icons.

We felt the best feature was the fruit wheel in which individual fruit items animated larger on hover and presented nutritional information about that fruit in the center of the wheel.

Coding things in a circular shape is actually extremely challenging. There’s a reason you almost never see circular container shapes on websites! It was a challenge we embraced.

In addition to the informational pages, we built an e-commerce system for this website enabling people a convenience means of ordering their fruit baskets online with just a few clicks. The store allows for different shipping options and currency types.

Of course, the owner of the site is easily able to create and add new fruit basket products into her store at any time.

Burlington Psychological and Counseling Services

This project embodies the situation where you need to present a trustworthy and credible set of information about your business. The site, design and color scheme are built from the ground up to establish trust, and a sense of well-being.

The site was built in a responsive framework meaning it displays appropriately on all different types of devices: phones, tablets, and of course desktops. The beautiful thing about a responsive design is its simply re-formatting the same content meaning multiple versions of your site do not need to be maintained.

Another interesting feature about this site was a custom-built plug-in for WordPress enabling the owners of the site to automatically add a staff listing and have it output a very attractive table and infographic on the ‘team’ page of the site.

We topped this site off with excellent blog functionality and ongoing SEO work for this Burlington company.

 The Crafty Approach to E-Commerce, I Can Craft That

I Can Craft That is a unique combination of WordPress and Opencart. We have found this to be an excellent combination in fledgling e-commerce websites.

WordPress excels at presenting content which is key for building credibility and recognition in your brand.

Opencart, on the other hand, is a wonderful framework and starting point for highly scalable and customizable e-commerce solutions. With a little magic, it’s able to handle just about any currency, as well as integrate with a plethora of shipping options.

I Can Craft That sports a number of very attractive and appropriate fonts to really spread the crafty feel throughout the website.

It can be difficult to break websites out of a corporate feel and we feel we have very successfully captured the fun and elegant look necessary for the site.

Our Core Staff

Evan Mugford

Web Design & Coding

Evan is a brilliant coder and a great problem solver. He also has a great design sense which is a very rare find in a coder. Many coders are very analytical thinkers but lack the creative skills needed in a good designer.

Evan is also a true guru working with WordPress having written many very successful WordPress plugins and is reinventing the WordPress wheel almost daily for our clients!

Jonathan Adams

Team Leader

Jonathan heads things up generally relying on the talents of those around him to make him look good!  Jonathan got his start in Web based business with Printing Peach in 2007 which continues to be a thriving business.

Since 2009 he has been helping many other business owners make the most of their online presence always looking to see his services translate into a tangible ROI for his clients.

Jason Turnbull

SEO Operations

Jason has been a huge asset to Peach Blitz since day one of his work with us. He oversees our day to day Search Engine Optimization operations. He’s an unbelievable problem solver and hugely creative fellow with an almost unhealthy desire to overachieve!

He also seems to have a working knowledge of a bizarrely long list of code languages, technologies and hardware!

Kenny Macdonald

Graphic Design

All of us can hold our own in Photoshop. Kenny on the other hand takes things to a whole new level. We had a number of Designers come and go before Kenny. Not to put too fine a point on it but if we lose Kenny… well we just can’t lose Kenny!

We VERY regularly have people gush about Kenny or tell us that Kenny is a big part of our appeal.

Why Work with Us

We’re Small, But Not TOO Small!

We also feel that we are in a great place in terms of our size and history. We’re not the one man show subject to a limited skill set and limited resources but we are also not a bloated company weighed down by layers of management.

We’re at a size where we are large enough to have a great deal of talent on hand. We also have a VERY large network of skills in our pool of regular subcontractors.

We are small enough to know our client on a first name basis. More importantly we are small enough to CARE about our clients on a very personal basis!

We’re Innovators

If there’s a common thread among the staff it’s that we all have a love of creative problem solving, AKA we’re innovators!

We’re always looking for a better way to do things. This has some very real implications in the work we do and the results we produce.

We’ve built up a large pool of our own tools and marketing sub-services which allow us to promote your site in ways very few companies can!

We Succeed!

We get it… you hire us to make your business more profitable. While nobody can win them all we do have a very high success rate in getting clients sites found online and a very high ‘happy customer rate’!

We’re happy to provide references and examples of sites we are currently promoting.

We’re also happy to listen to you goals and provide a personal analysis of your situation.

Call 1-888-213-9360.

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Here at peachblitz we sincerely take being an SEO & web design company very sincerely. All of us understand that undeniably when clients are searching to find a proficient SEM service people require the finest. Continuously we push to be really the slickest SEO & web design company we possibly can be throughout Ontario. It truly is our devotion to being the winner that has earned all of us this high respect here with our valued consumers.

Being a proficient SEM service all of us also continuously try to invest time to answer all our clients questions patiently and without delay. All of us invariably make time. All of us feel that it is really crucial to be sure consumers really feel valued and also cared for.

There really are not so many SEO & web design company who currently have the exact skill set plus know how to market their service as a mentor for their industry. Mix that together with our increased level of purchaser services and we certainly feel we are the finest proficient SEM service inside Ontario.

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