Proof that Page Titles Help You Rank On Google

One of the websites that I manage has programming instructions for a particular product that the company does not manufacture or sell. However, one of the products that this the company does manufacture is compatible with this other company's product so providing those programming instructions to the end user provides value to the customer. So when deciding on the page title for this page I chose to use the word "how to program" + the product name. Guess what, that page ranks #1 on Google for that keyword phrase. The company that actually makes this other product ranks below the page I created and a big part of that has to do with the page title. I know for a fact that it is the page title that is causing Google to rank it at the top of the list for this keyword phrase because that exact keyword phrase is not used in the content on the page. It's not even listed in the meta keywords tag or the meta description tag. There is no other place on the page in code or what is readable to humans that has this exact keyword phrase other than the page title and yet the page ranks #1 on Google!

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People link to Quality Content

The seo page title has gotten the page to the top of Google and therefore we do get traffic to that web page based on those results. But again, it's not just about how high you rank on Google for a keyword phrase. You must remember that providing quality content for the user should be your priority. Design your page first for your audience and second for the search engines. Good quality content causes people to link to that webpage which is another factor that Google uses in the algorithm to determine top placement. So getting people to link to your quality content will help you keep that page at the top of Google! I know many people have found this page to be useful because my Google Webmaster Tools tells me that there are 68 websites linking to this particular page.

There are numerous ways to add SEO to your website but adding keyword phrases in your page titles is one of the most important. I am surprised at the number of web pages on the internet do not have a page title although I have seen an improvement over the past few years. Another thing to note is that page titles should be as close to 70 characters as possible. Don't "stuff" your page title with a lot of different keywords because this will decrease the value of those keywords. Keep the keywords at the beginning of the page title and the lesser valued words toward the end. Never use your competitor's name in your page title this is a wrong on so many levels. (Have you ever heard of "black hat seo"? that would be an example. When Google catches you they will slap you down.

One last seo tip. Make sure that every single page on your website has a unique page title. When you have two pages with the same title Google doesn't know which page to serve up. Naming pages the same is considered "duplicate content" and Google frowns on that.

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