SEO marketers forced to adopt new strategies

The search engine landscape is continuously evolving and this has forced the SEO marketers to adopt their strategies along with this tectonic shift. While a few years back, high search engine rankings could be achieved by a combination of simple strategies like Exact Match Domains, keyword stuffing and comment links, generic keywords, targeting a broad international audience, are no longer a forte of SEO marketers with small budgets and fairly new domain names.

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There are, however, a lot of opportunities still left in the local search engine arena. The biggest advantages of adopting local search as one of the ranking factor of SEO today is the fact that a broad marketing strategy can be divided into smaller, yet achievable tasks. A set of highly targeted audience can be easily reached with a good overall local strategy.

The fact that discourages a lot of marketers to adopt a local search strategy is the scarcity of search volumes. These numbers are, however, elusive as the only thing that is required in order to maximize the result is "Scaling". If a particular search result has volume of 30/month in one city, there are tons of other keyword combinations that can be used to reach out to a similar audience. To further enunciate the results, a business owner can target an array of cities and maximize the results.

This, however, is just one aspect of a larger picture. The local search landscape can not only be dominated by ones own domain names, but there are a myriad of other mammoth websites, with a high domain authority, which can be used in order to dominate the first page rankings in google and demolish the competition all together.

Websites like google places, yelp, facebook, twitter, just dial etc. can all be used to manufacture a diverse profile that is appreciated by google. There is a lot of trust that flows along with these big brands that can translate into a positive image for your business. If a local search strategy can ensure first rank presence for all the combinations of a particular keyword, the end user will garner a sense of trust for your brand which will ultimately translate into results.

The one thing that must not be forgotten when adopting a local search strategy is the importance of citations on the websites of local players. A citation, which is not a backlink, is similar to a PR promotion strategy which google takes into account in it's search algorithm. Citations also help in the influx of user trust in the form of positive brand message through websites that the end user trusts.

A local marketing strategy, if adopted properly, can shoot up the search engine efforts ten folds and therefore must be one of the arrows in the quiver of anyone looking to achieve better rankings on google or any other search engine.

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