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Get Your Website To Page One Of Google

There is no doubt about it; knowing how to get your website to page one of google search results brings more traffic to your website, and more traffic usually = more clients.

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But knowing how to get your website to page one of Google, using Search Engine Optimization, seems to be like a mysterious, secretive art. There are SEO experts available, SEO sessions, and a zillion and one articles on how to boost your SEO.

You would be forgiven for thinking that you can't get to the top of your search results on your own, but you absolutely can, with a bit of time and patience, and a little know-how. I did all of my own SEO my photography website ranks at the top of page one for my Keyword search terms.

I previously ranked on Page One for Wedding Photographer Cheltenham, until I realized that actually, this was not bringing me my target clients, and changed my keywords to include Fine Art. I now rank towards the top of page 2 for the search Wedding Photographer Cheltenham. I reached page 3 within 2 weeks of launching my website online, and page 1 within 3 weeks.

My book Learn Film Photography is second place at the top of page one for the search terms Learn Film Photography, out of a possible 388,000,000 results. It took us just four weeks to get here.

You can learn how to get your website to page one of Google for your niche, and here is how. This is how I did it and these tips should help you too.

1. Use a good website provider / host

I use Moonfruit, which I chose deliberately because it gave me the ability to optimize my site properly for SEO purposes. (I have also heard good things about I use WordPress for my blog site (this one) though I have found it is easier to rank higher with specific blog posts, rather than with your search terms overall, with WordPress. (For example this post on how to win at wedding fairs reached page one for the search terms 'tips on exhibiting at wedding fairs' even though this blog itself very definitely is not just about exhibiting at wedding fairs).

2. Blog For Fresh New Content That Google Loves!

Yes, you know you should be blogging, and this is why! If you want to reach the top of your google search engines, you mustblog. You need to blog often, and you need to blog regularly. You need to blog content that is relevant to your reader. Google likes seeing fresh, updated content, because it shows that your website is active, rather than dead. It also likes to see people staying on your site for a long time (your bounce rate over in google analytics- the lower it is, the better) because this shows google that your site is worthy of attention, and Google boosts worthy sites.

3. Use Adwords To Increase Your Traffic

When I first started out, I paid for a google adwords campaign. Why? Because I knew that I would automatically get my business on to the first page of google with my advert. I knew that if I could attract traffic using a well-worded advert, and provided those who clicked on the advert we're encouraged to stay on my website (via interesting content, as per the above), for a reasonable amount of time, I knew this would boost my SEO. This works because signals are then sent to Google again, telling it that my site is worthy. These are the key things to consider when aiming to learn how toget your website to page one of google.


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