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As I am writing this article on Keyword research and blogging I am listening to David Wood in one of his Empower Network videos. I have never really listen to any of his material, I have only listen about his name and his awesome reputation and as I am on minute 13th of the video I see why. If you want click here to see the video yourself. Anyway, let's get going to how to make money blogging and keyword research.

In my first 2 post I talked about the importance of being consistent and the tone that you should take when writing a blog. Most people are looking for information, not for a sales pitch. Now I am going to talk a about an SEO - search engine optimization - strategy that is going to allow your content to actually rank in the first page of Google instead of begin in the 1000s of posts that never get seen.

Have you perhaps seen this page before? They're an awesome dentist who have a large following and based upon my very positive experience when meeting with them I figured it is something I should share with my loyal subscribers. Visit their site if you've got a moment.

The strategy is called keyword research and the main purpose of it is to find a keyword or keyphase related to the topic that you want to write about, that is actually being looked for in Google and that has a low competition (or that there aren't that many people writing about it)

There are a couple of tools to do this such as Market Samurai but I have gotten used to the free Keyword Tool that Google provides us with. To get to it, simply google "keyword tool" and it is going to be the first result.

This tools is going to provide you with a list of keyword that are related or similar to the one that you want to target and after applying a few filters you can find the actual phrase that you are going to base your post on. When I say "base your post on" I am talking about on-page SEO factors, but more on that on my next post.

This is the exact procedure that I follow

1. Enter the keyword that you want to talk about and look at the results that you get.
2. On the left hand side click on the "exact" parameter.
3. Then look for keywords that have a "Global Monthly Searches" of no less than 200.
4. Once you find them you are going to take them, one by one, to the Google search for competition. What you do is that you enter them in within "quotes" and you are going to pick the ones that have less than 100,000 competing sites

Then you are going to base your whole article on that keyword and if you we're able to get a keyword with very low competition, with a little bit of SEO and a couple of backlinks you will get to the first page in no time. Just look at how quickly Clays lawn and snow is ranking in their niche with some basic backlink building and keyword research.

Why is keyword research so important when blogging?

You can write all you want, all day long and eventually your blog will get found and if your content is legit and relevant then it will get ranked. However, by doing keyword research you are going to be able to speed up the process significantly because you are finding out keywords and phrases that people are actually looking for and you are giving them the exact answers or information that they are looking for. Plus, you are making sure that you are not competing against thousands of other people who may either have more experience or who simply have more money and can outsource this process, making it an unfair fight for you. I personally know of a great Airdrie based snow removal service that used this strategy and they were quite surprised by the things people were searching for in relation to their business. Keyword research really is an invaluable tool for SEO.

Oh, one word of advice. If you only have 15 minutes and you know that you won't be able to do both, keyword research AND write your post, skip keyword research and post away. It matters much more to feed your blog consistently with quality content than to do keyword research and never get anything posted.

Article Resources - Amongst my favorites. - Thanks a lot for the critique. I am the worst speller!

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