10 Tips To Improve SEO

In this article we look at how to improve seo and the basic things we need to put in place in other to start. I've carefully researched and written 10 tips to improve seo. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

    • Domain Name

If we start a new project it is important that we consider the future strategy of SEO.If possible we will include the main keyword we want to position our website at the domain name.

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    • Hosting

Your hosting server or provider contributes immensely if you want to improve your SEO. This is so because if you just choose a web-hosting company to host your website without proper knowledge on how reliable they are, you might end up loosing out on SEO. Make sure your web-hosting provider is reliable. Not a hosting company that can just go off and your site automatically goes off with it, thereby loosing potential visitor that might stop by. One more thing, ensure that your site load quickly on their server.

    • speed

Upload speed is a factor that is included in the Google algorithm, which is faster page loads, higher will be in the positions.

    • External links or backlinks

Getting a lot of external links to your website will help Google value you as authority in your niche, which will increase your Page Rank and upload web page positions.

    • Robots and sitemap files

The website must have these two files.Serves Sitemap to help Google to index all the web URLs.File robot tells the search engines that robots can index the page and the web files should not be indexed.

    • Internal links

Having a good internal linking structure brings many advantages: seo positioning face and with the public.Makes the public remains longer on the website which is another factor that Google has in mind.

    • Content

The content of your website has enormous weight in the eyes of the search engines.The amount of your post should be abundant, the more content you have on your website, the higher you rank on the search engines.On the other hand, when you regularly publish content on your blog, this will increase the frequency with which the search engine robots crawl our website.

    • Titles and labels

You have to fill the fields of fine titles, tags and descriptions always bearing in mind the keywords with which you want your website to rank for.

    • Keyword Density

The keyword density must be appropriate and not too low or too high.A large percentage of keywords is between 2 and 5%.The abuse, which is a percentage of 6%, may impair our website as it can be interpreted as spam.

    • Optimize images and videos

To optimize the loading speed is advisable to reduce the size of the files on our website.So it is better to compress images and videos. You can search online for tools you can use to compress your files.

With these 10 tips to improve SEO, you should have an idea on what to do in other to boost your site on the search engines.

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