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One of the hardest parts of starting a niche website is to find something to start a niche website about. It's easy to think of general topics such as insurance or travel but these are not niche topics and you have to drill a lot deeper to find a specific product or service to promote successfully.

There are lots of ways to get the creative juices flowing and I encourage anyone to use as many methods as possible when trying to come up with ideas for a niche website. Some people get ideas just from watching TV or reading magazines, some gets their ideas from trying to find a solution to a problem they have and can't find one.

Ideas can come to you in all sorts of ways but the five methods below are the ways I have used so far to find ideas to start a niche website. This post does not include the actual research to see if a keyword is going to be profitable, as I will do a totally separate post about that, only the method to first find a keyword.

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1. Google Keyword Tool

You will see this tool mentioned everywhere in the Internet Marketing world and pretty much everybody uses it to perform keyword and competition analysis. I find it can also be a very effective way to find niche keywords and help get ideas flowing. Normally, when you read about Google's Keyword Tool, you will most likely be told to use the exact keyword match feature as this is for determining how much traffic a keyword is going to receive. In the case of using it to get keyword ideas, leave the "Broad" checkbox checked and enter a general or non-longtail (is that even a word?!) keyword. Also leave the "Only show results related to my search term" unchecked and hit search.

At this point we are not looking at number of searches or amount of competition, as this will be done later in the research phase. If you scroll down you will be given a list of related searches which are more longtail and specific in nature. As an example I have searched for the term "digital camera" to see what other topics will come up to give me ideas. Scrolling through I can see search terms such as "waterproof digital cameras", "compact digital camera reviews", "digital camera reviews 2011, "memory cards for digital cameras" and so on. These are all potential ideas which are worth researching to see if there's a possibility they could be profitable sites. This method is probably one of my favourites as it gives you ideas for keywords that you know people are searching for, that you would never have thought of yourself.

2. Offervault

I can't remember where I heard about Offervault, so unfortunately I can't give credit, but I was introduced to this tool a couple of months ago. It is a site which collects all affiliate programs and offers on the internet so you can see them all in one place. It is a free site and you don't need to be a member to use it, but I recommend you do sign up as you get invitations to free webinars that they hold regularly. I have already "attended" two since signing up and have been able to get a lot of quality information about niche websites from them. I sometimes find it hard to be at the webinar when it's actually live due to the time difference here in Australia, but a tip is to sign up for the webinar anyway, as you get emailed a link to the recording of the webinar after it's done. I have found this the case for all webinars, not just Offervaults.

There are a couple of ways to use Offervault. You can search for a particular product if you already have a keyword in mind. If not, you can just scroll through all the offers that are listed on their homepage. Alternatively you can search through New Offers Only, which is good for finding new products on the market which may have little competition right now. When doing these types of search, you can select to sort the offers by Payout so you can search through the biggest payouts first, if this is what you are looking for.

One more way that you can use Offervault to find potential niche site ideas is by using the scrolling Live Searches feature. This features is exactly what you'd think it shows you terms which are currently being searched for right now, which shows there is a demand for that particular product.

3. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are good because they have huge lists of products and services, all with affiliate programs, ready for you to promote. I use Commission Junction a lot and I read that they have something like over 2 million products in their database. All you do is pick an advertiser and view their products to see if they have any potentials. In the example below I was browsing through the Sports category and came across an advertiser called Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats. I decided to click on them to see what products they had available. I would be interested to research their products further as I can see their inflatable boats are selling for prices in the hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars and they are paying out 10-15% in commissions.

4. Ebay Pulse

Ebay Pulse is a division of the Ebay site which shows what products are being searched for, what the most watched items are and what the most popular stores are. You can scroll through these features as well as browsing through their categories to find potential ideas for your niche site.

5. Amazon

This is very similar to using Ebay Pulse use Amazon to browse through their categories to find ideas. Amazon also provides best seller lists and lists of what customers are looking at right now.

In my opinion, finding an actual keyword to perform further research on can be the longest part of the whole process but if you take the time to really drill down into companies and what products and services they have to offer, you will find some real gems, which is what we are all looking for.

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