The Power Of Consistency - Building Backlinks

If you are seriously trying to build backlinks there is only one solution, consistency. It doesn't really matter what method you use, thought some are more effective than others, but true power is on how consistent you are. If you do something for 60 days straight, you will be ahead of 98% of all internet marketers, because the truth is that we live in a instant gratification society and waiting even 7 days for results is too much for most of the people.

If you haven't succeeded yet with your internet marketing business and you are wondering why...

take a look back and tell me what marketing strategy or program did you use consistently for at least 30 days? Did you do article marketing for 2 days and then dropped? Did you do video syndication, twitter, facebook marketing? What have you done that you haven't given up on within the first 7 days?

The easiest way to fail is by giving up at everything that you try. You see the problem is that we love to see new stuff, because we hope that it is going to give us faster, better results than our current strategy, which is just fine to think if you have been doing the same thing for about 30 days without results, but seriously, you do not need to look elsewhere if you haven't tried something for at least 30 days and have mastered it. I can assure that anything you try, as long as it isn't illegal or highly spammy will get you results. At least that's the feeling I got by talking to Salem Steel, a top notch steel tubing manufacturers who I strongly recommend.

After two years of this dilemma I found out that it is just human nature to jump from one thing to another and that for me to get results I had to write down a plan and stick to it like glue... and even then , it isn't that easy because there are around 10 IM products launching each day and if you have been in the industry long enough you will at least get emailed about one of them a day, which certainly kills your focus.

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So what is the solution? Automation. I found this out after I purchased a program that has an auto-scheduler. Why is this helpful? If you have the drive to do something it's usually going to fade with 3 days tops. But what if you can take that drive and do enough in one day to take care of the whole week's work load? It is very possible and it is actually the best way to stay on track. I create 7 campaign during the weekend and then I don't worry about buidling backlinks because they get created automatically throughout the week.

Check out Senuke X, it allows you to create hundreds of different backlinks each and everyday and if you use it properly it can definitely help your business succeed.

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