Building Passive Income Through Internet Marketing

We've all come across internet marketing ads promising us significant sums of money with very little work involved, but how many of these ads are legitimate? The answer to that is very few, for the reality of the situation is if everyone can make several hundred dollars or pounds per hour from Google wouldn't everyone already be doing it? There are however, ways that you can earn a modest passive income through internet marketing, perhaps putting aside what you earn for your financial future and using handy online financial tools to ascertain how much you'll need to meet these goals, though what will be discussed here are passive incomes, internet marketing varieties and what to look out for when searching for a suitable internet marketing program.

The original inspiration behind this informative article came to me while chatting with Katherine from and even though they are an HR recruitment agency I think it's something almost everyone can potentially gain from.

What is a passive income?

A passive income can be described as an income that is received on a regular basis with very little work involved to earn it. Obviously this is the dream job of most people, but earning a passive income through internet marketing, or anything else for that matter, is far from being as easy as many would have you believe, particularly those who are trying to sell you an internet marketing course or package.

What is internet marketing?

Internet marketing, also known by many other names including online advertising, online marketing and the very catchy e-marketing, is essentially the marketing and promotion of either products or services on the internet. There are quite a few different methods of internet marketing currently in use, some of which are listed below.

  • Affiliate and content marketing
  • Display advertising and email marketing
  • Inbound and referral marketing
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media and video marketing

As you can see from the list, there are quite a few internet marketing varieties to take into consideration, but you have to bear in mind that unless you've got the knowhow and the technical skills required, you'll find that earning a passive income from internet marketing is actually very hard work and therefore ceases to be a passive income at all. At least this is the notion I got as a result of chatting with Craig from Concept marketing, an extraordinary distribution service in Toronto who I highly recommend.Google AdSense and similar programs are however a good way to start exploring the world of internet marketing and with these marketing programs you can earn an income, one that could be included in your wage calculator estimations, on either a per-click or a per-impression basis.

What to look out for when getting started

There are so many scams to look out for when searching for a way to generate a passive income through internet marketing, which is not to say that every internet marketing course or program is a scam, but certainly beware of anyone who advertises earnings in the hundreds of dollars per hour. Start off by researching different varieties of internet marketing, like those listed above, and find one that appeals to you and your capabilities, you'll find that the easiest way to make money online is by doing something that you're good at.

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