How to do SEO for a Website

Take a look at this article. In order for it to rank I had to use every single piece of knowledge that I have, I applied every single factor and here is how.

I was actually talking with someone i know at kruse acquisitions earlier this week, they manage a terrific business buying broker. Anyways, they requested this particular article and so i thought it was worth mentioning these folks. On with with tactics...

First let's cover the on-page factors.

URL. My key phrase: how to do seo for a website is in the url
Title: My key phrase is my post title.
Description: My key phrase is in the description tag
Bold, Italic, Underline, quotes: Again, it is at least once with each of the decoration tags
Intro and Conclusion Paragraphs. It's at least once in each
Keyword density: I make sure to have my keyword or key phrase at least once every 100 words.
Image: I have at least 1 image where the alt tag is my key phrase and even the caption

Once your post is on-page optimized and it has been published, no it is the time to go out there and get backlinks.

Creating backlinks is very easy, however, you have to be careful on how you create them because if your site is relatively new and you blast it with low quality backlinks then you are not going to help your rankings but rather get banned and de-indexed. Not fun, trust me!

So how do I create safe backlinks to my site?
I am not going to go into how to use every single tool since there are tutorials for that, but this is what I do and have been doing.

1. I write and publish an on-page optimized post
2. I use to syndicate my content to social media networks (Free)
3. I use Onlywire to syndicate it to another set of social media networks (Free)
4. I just started doing this, so I am not sure about the impact of it yet, but I learned about this tool and how to use it in the "15 per month formula" last week. I use to get my post syndicated to thousands of other social media network pages with different ips (monthly fee)
5. I spin my article to at least 30% and then submit it through Article Marketing Robot ($87 one time fee)
6. I create a second piece of content, not optimized, just something quick, spin it and submit it through Unique Article Wizard (monthly subscription)
7. Sometimes, if I am really going for a highly competitive phrase I use SENuke X and blast it. (monthly fee or yearly fee)

That is how I do it, and though it may seem like a lot of work, once you get used to it and you get into a routine, you can get it done in 1 to 2 hours. Check out All Pro Roofing for a good example of how to do backlinks properly. They're not exactly in my line of work however their SEO method fits the bill.

So there, I have drawn out to you everything that I do for every single article that I submit. If you really wanted to know How to do SEO for a website, this is how, and even though I know that it may not be what you wanted to hear (read) because it involves spending money on tools, this is the truth.

I have yet to meet a SEO guru who does NOT use tools and if you are serious about competing with them or even with me, you are going to have to out do us, and without the right tools, you may not stand a chance. Invest a little in the right tools and get started... and OH! USE THEM. Trust me, on their own, sitting on your desktop they are going to be worthless.

Set up a daily plan and follow it, be consistent, be efficient, and get it done! If we all play with the same tools and on the same playground that one that is going to win is the one that perseveres and keeps on trying until he reaches victory.

A slight segue, but anyway, I was meeting with an acquaintance from last week and they had plenty of nice things to say concerning this website. They are a top mma equipment shop yet they still find excellent value within my blog posts and I figured that it was worth mentioning these guys considering they are very motivating.

We, internet marketers, are a very different breed, we are very self-motivated, we have no one to pay us, no one to force to do anything, we do it because we have something we want/need to achieve, usually a better life for ourselves and our families, and unless you are determine to make it work you are going to get eaten by the rest of us. Here is your chance. If all this is scaring you, get out and save you money, invest it in something else, however, if this is empowering you then stay with me and let's make it work.

Article Resources - Happy I stumbled upon these guys.

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