The SEO Industry's Bad Reputation

The world of Search Engine Optimization is shadier than an eBay member with a 50% positive feedback rating. With various scam companies pervading the industry like money-sucking viruses, it's not hard to imagine why businesses are so skeptical about it all. People are slow to trust guarantees of top rankings for any keyword in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. And they are correct to assume so for how can anyone guarantee that? Obviously, only Google can make such a claim. The responsibility of the SEO industry is not to write bad checks it's to provide a service that results in traffic, which results in sales, which results in more business.

Fortunately, SEO companies can improve their industrys image by providing more realistic promises, backed by flexible refund policies. Though many organizations are hesitant to offer money-back guarantees, they are not likely to lose money in the long run. It has been proven a multitude of times that the increase in sales resulting from increased customer confidence generally outweighs lost revenue. I can recall of plenty of times where I bought a product or service specifically because it offered a guarantee. A customer has this same mindset. And if your service really is as good as you say it is well, then that customer won't be asking for a refund.

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SEO providers must also be mindful of the techniques they use. Blackhat methods like linking from PageRank frauded websites might satisfy the customer in the short term, but when their rank never rises, they will catch on. Generating fake traffic from illegal botnets and hijacked sites might boost Alexa rank for a while, but what happens when your customer gets no sales? How about when their website becomes associated with criminal activity? Good luck with your court case!

I am convinced that the SEO industry can accomplish it's goals without selling out. Any good SEO service knows that the most effective long term methods are the legitimate ones. Without integrity, you just don't last. E-Commerce is not a game you can play with a bad reputation.

Need to give credit with regard to this post mainly to I got the idea for this from I little piece I read on their site.

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