Unethical search engine optimization techniques

There are many unethical (also referred to as black hat) search engine optimization techniques doing the rounds. You have to be well versed with many of these techniques so that you refrain from using them in your search engine optimization.

Use of trademarked keywords in domain names is illegal. So if you are thinking of registering a domain name with a trademark keyword (such as Sony), it is illegal as it violates federal trademark laws. According to the law, this move creates confusion amongst consumers, giving the impression that there is some affiliation between your site and the owner of the trademark.

It is also not permitted to use trademarked keywords in Meta tags, where you could possibly get sued if you did. It is however possible to use trademarked terms as keywords in the visible part of the page, when quoting or referring to the company or one of it's products.

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Resorting to advertising using trademark keywords is also a no-no. If you attempt to present your web page with searches using trademarked keywords for maximum traffic, you will only end up getting into hot water with the trademarked company.

Pagejacking is a black hat technique where you copy another persons web page and submit it to search engines as your own. This is done to get high rankings; however, this is a form of stealing copyright content and is about as unethical as it gets.

So this gives you a quick snapshot of why you should stay away from black hat search engine optimization techniques. They are short term, and only spell trouble for you and your website. I suggest you always opt for, and use white hat SEO techniques on your website, which are proven to be beneficial in the long term, and I will write about some of these in a future post.

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