Tips for improving page rankings with Google

Google is the most popular of the many search engines on the internet. Being the most popular search engine, many people work at getting high page rankings on it and the benefits that come with that; increased visibility of your site for one. And to get a good page ranking, it is vital that you understand these two Google ranking factors.

The first factor to take into consideration is PageRank of your site. This is primarily determined by the number and the quality of links that are pointing to pages on your site. This means that you have to consider both the quantity and quality of links that link to your website and also have them pointing to other pages, not just your home page.

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It is always important to get links to your website from web pages that have a PageRank rating that is higher than yours. Work at getting as many links as you can from quality, relevant sites to a minimum of a page of your website. Although you want links to more than just your homepage, it is advisable to get at least 50% of the links to your home page.

Importance of the right incoming text link keywords

The second factor to take into consideration for a good page ranking in Google is incoming text link keywords, known as anchor text. Remember to always provide text links to your site, and not image links.

This is because though Google does index image links, without any text links, the image links are of no help in increasing the link popularity rating for important keywords. In addition to this, you have to remember to always include the most important keyword phrase in the text link, as this will enable your website to begin ranking for that keyword or phrase.

With the right keywords in your text link, you have an increased number of clicks on the link. And to help you get the right keywords, you can use the help of the many keyword search tools available on the internet. You just have to mention the topic you are writing about and the tool will produce a list of relevant keywords to use in your website and URL link.

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