Google Instant Saves SEO

For those way behind or that don't keep up with SEO news, Google released a tool they had in hiding called Google Instant over a month ago. If you've used Google, you've used it. The feature offers up search suggestions as you begin typing in the search window.

While many SEO professionals have screamed that this is going to kill SEO and make it irrelevant, there is a second school of thought that it will begin to even the playing field. For every bigger player at the top of the search engines for broader terms, there are thousands of smaller players that rank well for more specific terms.

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This addition by Google not only helps the searcher consider terms that they may not have thought of, but it also helps them to possibly discover a smaller player. For instance, in the example above, someone searching for SEO may not have considered searching for SEO tools or SEO software. They may have simply planned on typing in "SEO" and hoping for the best.

This Google offering not only helps the person searching discover other searching options that are based on what people are actually searching for, but also provides them with more terms that will allow them to discover some smaller players that don't rank for broader terms.

While sites ranking for broader terms will certainly cry foul because they see it as a distraction to the searcher, this change will help to reduce bandwidth for Google by helping searchers find what they want quicker and begin to level the playing field for smaller players.

While this change is fantastic to searchers, it will also increase revenue for Google because players who previously ignored the longer tail terms will have to rethink their SEM strategy to include those smaller traffic terms if they themselves aren't ranking for those longer tail terms. SEM professionals may want to keep their eye on sudden spikes on campaigns that once we're dormant that all of sudden start seeing life.

Either way, Google Instant appears to be good for everyone.

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