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We’ve been in business for since 2007 with most of our staff on board for more than 10 years. There’s a very high level of knowledge, skill and down to earth friendliness that’s very hard to find elsewhere! The result of all that for you is a beautiful website which you love and a process which is easy and enjoyable.

On top of that, there’s things you don’t see on the face of a website which have a huge impact on your business. For instance the websites we build are extremely secure and very unlikely to ever be hacked. And they are set up beautifully for future search engine optimization work. This is simply not true of most of the competition.

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How it Works & What to Expect

When you sign up for our web design service, your project will move through various stages:

Specifications gathering. We will ask you to supply the names of the pages you want built, any design specifics you have in mind as well as other references such as existing branding for your business, or other websites you like. Quite likely, our graphic designer will speak with you over the phone to gain a better understanding of what you’re looking for prior to beginning work. As with just about every step in the process, multiple revisions are expected and included.

The design stage. In this stage, we’re developing the graphics for your website. This is what people see when they come to your website. Essentially were developing a completely custom front end to your website and ensuring that your website looks beautiful, professional and 100% unique.

In the coding stage of your website, your design will be turned into an actual webpage in our development server. This is essentially the process of converting the graphic design into the HTML/CSS/PHP code which operates behind every website.

At this point, your individual pages will be created and functionality added such as contact forms, quote forms, slideshow galleries and other functionality.

Content population and training. In this final stage, we will train you how to use your content management system. 95% of the time we build websites on a WordPress platform which allows you to add your own content, edit content, manage slideshow galleries and a whole lot more. We make sure every new website owner is 100% comfortable with the everyday maintenance/updating that good websites require. We are available long-term if you run into trouble or need additional functionality developed.

In the final stage, we will launch your website making your site live across the Internet. We do provide hosting for our web design clients (which makes support easier when necessary) although we don’t require that clients host with us.

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