Links… The electricity that power your text content up the Google rankings

You understand already that links from other websites to your website are how Google measures the overall popularity of your website.  We also understand that you need to be careful about what links you acquire to your website. Quality really matters… Google can easily detect spammy links and they will hurt you rather than help you.

95% of what you’re paying us to do is to build good quality links to your website from within an our client network of websites. These links are all from totally legitimate websites and they will all help you. Big time!  We are providing a giant dose of Link electricity to you each month.

That being said, there are links only you (the business owner) can get and often times they will be the difference-maker! In addition to just boosting the overall number of links your site has, most of these things will be very relevant to your business which can really help boost Google rankings.

The best part… These links are easy to get. All you really need to do is ask.  Sure, not everyone will say yes and some people you will need to follow up with two or three times, but if you set aside a little bit of time regularly for a month or two, you will acquire some great links which will make a huge difference to your business for years to come.

I’m talking about links from sources like these:

  • Your suppliers
  • Your clients
  • Your employees personal websites
  • Your business partners
  • Your governing body websites
  • News stories done about your business
  • Charities
  • Friends

These are all great links you could easily acquire just by asking. It needs to be you asking, because obviously it’s based on the relationship you have with these people.

I’m going to explain a little bit more for each of these link possibilities. To make these examples a little more palatable, I’m going to use the example of a wholesale dessert business.

Your Suppliers

As a wholesale dessert business, you would have suppliers to provide things like your butter, flour, and other ingredients. Reach out to those suppliers and ask if you can be listed on their website under their clients page, or provide them a testimonial that includes a link back to your website. Make sure that whatever they put on their website has an actual clickable link back to your website.

Your Clients

So as a wholesale dessert maker you would sell to places like restaurants, cafes, hotels.  If you have a good relationship with a client, why not check out their website and see if they have a resources page, or some other place on their website where it makes sense to mention you as one of their suppliers. Ask to be mentioned with a link to your website.

Your Employees Personal Websites

As a wholesale dessert maker you employ several Bakers. There’s a good chance they have their own personal websites or baking blogs. Ask if they will link to your website. It’s hard for them to say no 🙂

Your Business Partners

As a wholesale dessert maker you employ a local courier to deliver your desserts to your different clients each day. Ask to be mentioned on their website, or to provide them a testimonial including a link to your website.

Your Governing Body Websites

Has the owner of a wholesale dessert business you are part of the Bakers Association of America (yes this is fictitious :-)). Reach out to them and make sure you are listed as a member on their website.

News Stories Done About Your Business

Reach out to local press, or if you’ve been approached, absolutely say yes to a story! Just make sure they include a clickable link back to your website.


Choose a charity to support just to support your local community and also because generally when you contribute charitably, you get mentioned on their website. Make sure as a donor you will receive a clickable link.


As a business owner you almost certainly have friends who are also business owners. Ask them to link to your website. This one is really easy!

Very important… tell us about your new links!

Once you get a link, let us know! We can actually build links to your links (anybody’s head spinning yet?). By building links to your links, we ultimately provide your website more electricity.  Understand, link electricity passes from link to link to link. So by building links to your links, we are benefiting your site greatly.

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