More text and more pages of text equals more Google joy!

We already understand that having lots of text content on our homepage and important pages such as service pages is important but there are certain best practices that people generally don’t Implement which are:

  • Have at least 500 words of text on your home page. Your homepage is far and away most important to Google and at least four times more likely to rank than any other page, so do don’t skimp here. Think of your home page as you ‘big chance’.
  • If you have multiple services then your homepage should mention all your main services. For example, a health clinic might mention chiropractic, massage, & sports Injury rehab with a short blurb about each service.
  • If you do offer multiple services then also create a dedicated page for every service with all the details and at least 300-500 words about each service.
  • Tell us when you’ve created new pages or added new text. We will do a bit of additional wizardry involving things called keyword research, meta tags and on page optimization. This will maximize the effectiveness of your additional text content.

Some of you might be thinking, don’t you do this for me? Well, we do optimize your home page and all existing important pages, but we don’t make new pages or content for you. Writing content for a business is basically being the voice of that business which is not included in our SEO service. If you really feel you can’t write your own content or find somebody to do at, drop us a line and we can give you a quote on this additional work.

NOTE: don’t even think about copying text from another website! Google will know and it will actually hurt you. You need to write it or pay to have it written.

BONUS: This has nothing to do with SEO, but don’t forget to repeatedly invite people to call or make contact. Failure to repeatedly include a call to action is detrimental!  Plaster your phone number and email address all over the website.


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