The Unexpected Side Effects of Search Engine Exposure

We all hope with increased exposure in Google’s search rankings that we will get found by more new customers generating higher sales. Sometimes though, we are lucky enough to also get found through Google by major media!

That’s exactly what happened for Asto Boxes. We had been working on their SEO for nine months or so. There Google rankings had climbed from near nonexistent to page 1 for many good keywords. They were enjoying a nice steady stream of new business from the web when they were contacted by the Canadian broadcast Corporation who had found them on Google about being featured in an article about the growing interest in android TV boxes. You can see the story on CBC here:

Huge Boom in Sales

The owners of Asto Boxes fully expected this to generate increased exposure and increased sales but they weren’t prepared for the enormity of it.  The story went live roughly 5 AM on May 14, 2016. In the first two days, Asto Boxes took in an astounding 600 orders. Even after the initial week, they continued to see a huge boost in sales as well as increased Google rankings from having been featured in CBC. To date they attribute an estimated 1100 orders to that story alone.


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